MCA and MBA Current Year Project

MBA and MCA Current Year Project

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MBA Project List

Sr. NoProject Name
1A study of traditional EPR system vs cloud based ERP system
2A Study on Customer Buying Preferences Toward Laptop And Computer
3Mother Recipe (Food Division)
4A Study of Welfare Services For Employee Retention

5A Study of Performance Review System In Lear Corporation
6Time And Motion Study for Efficient Precision & System Private Limited.
7A study on Cost And Costing Models in Company
8A Study on Cash Management of ABC Company
9Advertising Strategy of the Indian Corporate World - LG Electronics
10A comparative study on consumer behaviour about Colgate and Pepsodent paste
11A project report on Apollo tyres brand image
12Internet Marketing Strategies - approaches and challenges : an overview
13A Study on Online Marketing
14Social Media Marketing
15A study of exit interview in relation to employer branding
16A study on effectiveness of organisation climate in Company

MCA Internship Project List

Sr. NoProject NameYearTechnologyClient
1Mental Disorders Detection Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingBanglore
2Solving Student Migration Issues in inter state

Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
3Detecting Fake Pharmacy Sites, Pune

Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
4Internal Intrusion Detection and Protection System, Pune

Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
5Online Construction Portal

Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingNagpur
6Dream Homes Real Estate

Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
7Quick Sale

Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
8Smart Crawler- Two-stage framework

Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
9Educational Sensitive Information Retrieval: Analysis, Application and OptimizationCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
10A comprehensive study on social network mental disorder detection via online social media mining
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
11Solving Student Migration Issues in inter state

Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
12Detecting Fake Pharmacy Sites
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
13Internal Intrusion Detection and Protection System
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingNashik
Smart Crawler- Two-stage
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
15Crop Management
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
Online Banking Services
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingNashik
Deal Store System
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingNashik
18Thyroid Nodule Detection

Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingNashik
19Health Predicting SystemCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingNashik
20Finger Movement Controlled Automatic Wheelchair Using Deep Learning
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
21Home Automation Energy
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
22Online Shopping PortalCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
23E- Transportation ManagementCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
24Student Attendance SystemCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
25E- AgricultureCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
26Neural network classification of Blood cell imagesCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
27Concrete image processing and displaying quality score projectCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
28Diamond Gravity Assessment Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
29Hotel Management SystemCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
30Famer based web application
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
31Complaint Management SystemCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingHyderabad
32Stock marketCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingU.S.A
33Intercom CRM Application for Institute
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
34Driver Fatigue DetectionCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
35Voice Recognition With SpeakerCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
36Crime Prediction ModelCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingSatara
37Web Based Friend bookCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingSatara
38Cancer Detection Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
39Diamond Clarity ManagementCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
40FOG Removal Fusion-based Variational Image Dehazing Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
41Offline Signature Verification Using Support Vector MachinCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
42Malaria parasitic stage detection Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
43Multi-task Cascade Convolution Neural Networks for Automatic Thyroid Nodule Detection and Recognition Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
44Web Based Smart Tourist Guide Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
45Hospital Management SystemCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
46Offline Signature VerificationCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
47Artificial Neural Network Modelling of ADS designed Double Pole Double Throw Switch Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
48Study of the EEG Signals of Human Brain for the Analysis of EmotionsCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingMumbai
49CNN For Lung CancerCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
50Dolphin signal processingCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
51Lung diseases detection using CNNCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
52Iris the picture of health towards medical diagnoses based on Iris Pattern
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
53Friend bookCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
54Influence maximizationCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
55Fine grainedCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
56Data-driven Question AnswerCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
57Driven mining Sentiment analysisCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
58An Effective Web Service Ranking Method via Exploring User BehaviorCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
59Anaaz - A Krishi BazarCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingDelhi
60Intelligent Travel Chabot Recommendation Using Dnn As Per User PreferencesCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingNagpur
61Personal branding using ChabotCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingKolhapur
62Defending Collaborative FilteringCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
63Query facet engine for easier search results
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingBangalore
64Cloud Base Multi banking ERPCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingBangalore
65Android Gadgets Apps Scheduling Across Local and CloudCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingBangalore
66Android App Tourism Location
tracking System in Pune
Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
67Android Application for Residential Apartments for Keeping up the Logs of Guests Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
68Message Bottle Current YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
69Interpretable Machine Learning in HealthcareCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune
70Breast cancer diagnosis using adaptive voting ensemble machine learning algorithmCurrent YearJava/.Net/PHP/TestingPune